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Fuller the London brewer and premium pub company has opened a new transport hub, The Signal box in Euston Station. It opened December 10, 2018 and is located upstairs.

Here is the full press release from Fuller’s:

Fuller, Smith and Turner P.L.C., the London brewer and premium pub company, is delighted to announce the opening of its latest transport hub site, The Signal Box in Euston Station. Under the stewardship of General Manager Nina Dhal, the brand-new site – in one of London’s busiest railway stations – opened its doors to the public today [Monday 10 December].


The pub is upstairs, in the station’s terrace. With a spacious bar and dining space inside plus an outside bar with seating, it is a haven from the busy action of the railway station – which sees around 60 million passengers a year passing through. Guests will be able to get away from the hustle and bustle, while enjoying a selection of fantastic beers and fresh, delicious food – as expected in a Fuller’s pub.


Managing Director of Fuller’s Inns, Jonathon Swaine, said: “I’m delighted with The Signal Box – the team has done an excellent job at creating a modern but comfortable space. The outside bar and seating area – which is still within the walls of the station – is a fantastic setting for a quick drink or bite to eat. It’s a great achievement from our designers who have managed to create an indoor space that feels alfresco.


“We have seen great success in our other transport hub pubs, such as The Parcel Yard at King’s Cross and The Three Guineas at Reading Station. We believe we’ve reinvented the railway station pub – from being tired old bars where people begrudgingly went when their train was delayed, to exciting and vibrant pubs that are visited by all. With the transformation of the surrounding area and HS2 opening in the future, we hope The Signal Box becomes a regular spot for both one-time and regular visitors.”

From the 2nd of January, Hounslow Youth Service will see an increase in youth activities. The Brentford Football  Club Community Sports Trust and Participation People have been entrusted with this responsibility.

The range of activities will include: career advice to young people participation.


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After having successful trials in Oxford, England the DRIVEN consortium has decided begin trials in London’s road. Mapping will begin in the streets of Hounslow. Driveless cars will hit Hounslow roads before Christmas.

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(“Fuller’s”, “the Group” or “the Company”)

Half year results for the 26 weeks ended 29 September 2018

Increased investment for the long term 

Financial Highlights

  • Revenue up 6% to £222.1 million (2017/18: £209.3 million)
  • EBITDA[1] up 2% to £38.2 million (2017/18: £37.6 million)
  • Adjusted profit before tax[2] down 1% to £23.6 million (2017/18: £23.8 million)
  • Adjusted earnings per share[3] down 1% at 33.83p (2017/18: 34.22p)
  • Interim dividend up 3% to 7.80p (2017/18: 7.55p)
  • Proforma net debt to EBITDA[4] of 3.1 times (2017/18: 2.8 times).

Operational Indicators

  • Good performance from Managed Pubs and Hotels with like for like sales rising 4.1% (2017/18: 3.6%), total profits reflect high number of 92 closure weeks (2017/18: 29 weeks) due to investment in estate
  • Strong results from Tenanted Inns with like for like profit increasing 4% (2017/18: 3%), four pubs sold and a rise in average EBITDA per pub of 2%
  • Total beer and cider volumes for The Fuller’s Beer Company rose marginally by 0.2% (2017/18: 1%), with revenue up 7% and operating profit up 9%.
  1. Pre-separately disclosed earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, loss on disposal of plant and equipment, and amortisation
  1. Adjusted profit before tax is the profit before tax excluding separately disclosed items. Statutory profit before tax was £20.8 million (2017/18: £23.6 million)
  2. Calculated using adjusted profit after tax and the same weighted average number of shares as for the basic earnings per share and using a 40p ordinary share. Basic earnings per share were 29.65p (2017/18: 35.12p)
  3. Proforma net debt to EBITDA is calculated on a 12 month basis adjusting as appropriate for acquisitions and disposals