Just in case you missed the webinars

Back Heatrhow – Facebook Live 4/09/20 – Thank you to last week’s guests – Sally and Alan from Hounslow Chamber of Commerce. you can catch-up on their advice for small businesses here.


Building confidence / Health & Wellbeing featuring Safer Business Hounslow, Covid – 19 advice for reopening your business 16/07/20 – https://bit.ly/3hl5QYJ

Webinar Advice from Hounslow Chamber Task Force 14/05/20 – https://bit.ly/3bESovO

Webinar Health and Wellbeing 12/05/20 – https://bit.ly/36aQge2

Webinar Advice from Hounslow Chamber Task Force 07/05/20 – https://bit.ly/3bHWymk

Advice from Hounslow Chamber Task Force 30/04/20 – https://bit.ly/3fZgrsu

Micro business support in these unprecedented times 22/04/20 – https://bit.ly/3bEcWo1

Advice from Hounclow Chamber task force 16/04/20 – https://bit.ly/35wqd0I

Business Advice From Hounslow Chamber Task Force webinar  08/04/20 – https://bit.ly/2W3oyfP

Cash Flow/Finance webinar 06/04/20 – https://bit.ly/2SBwdjc

Launch of Task Force on 31/03/20 – https://bit.ly/35rYiim