SMEs are being denied Business Interruption Insurance claims

Thanks for signing our open letter to the Association of British Insurers. Our campaign is growing in numbers and is catching the eye of the media. Last week we spoke to The Sunday Times, the BBC, Sky News, and the Huffington Post.
This is going to be a very tough fight. Our letter, our petition, and our success raising the issue in the media all help. However, insurance companies know that if they keep resisting, they can probably ride out the storm. It is in their interests to keep stalling until we get tired of campaigning, go out of business, or both.
We are determined not to let that happen. We’re continuing to ratchet up the pressure, but we need your involvement.
Here are 3 things you can do:
1. Register your interest in taking group action
Customers of different insurance companies are grouping together to align their interest and coordinate possible litigation. Covid Claims Group is a grassroots organisation founded by small businesses. We are building a database of policyholders and talking with law firms about the merits of “class action” lawsuits.
You can register your interest, without making any commitment to involvement in a class action, by completing our online form. You will be updated about actions being considered, giving you the option to participate.
2. Send the open letter to your MP
Several Members of Parliament, from different parties, have been supportive of our campaign and said they are willing to ask questions in the House and put them to the relevant Select Committees. It would help our campaign if many more MPs heard from their constituents about this issue. The more emails they get, the higher we push this issue up the agenda.
It’s easy to email the open letter to you MP. Click here to use our template letter. If you copy us on your email ( we’ll be able to keep track of which MPs have been contacted.
3. Help us understand your business and your claim
Journalists always look for numbers to help convey the scale of the issue they’re reporting. We’ve created a short online survey that will help us to tell the story of how small businesses in the UK are being affected after being abandoned by their insurance company. Aston Business School has offered to help analyse the data and we will share the survey results with you. Click here to take the survey.
Thank you very much for taking these actions. We are business owners like you, so we understand the stress that insurance companies are causing. We know that crossing our fingers and hoping for the best won’t cut it, so we appreciate you getting involved and helping us to stay in the fight.
James Ollerenshaw
Leader of the Covid Claims Group campaign