HR Dept – Getting back to business beyond lockdown

Everything Speaks!

How we as employers act now will be remembered by employees, customers and the local community long after the present health and economic crises end.

Helping employees return to a safe place of work is one of those defining moments.

In my experience, talking through plans with someone else, has helped me crystallize my thoughts and decide the best actions to take. I have many years experience helping businesses manage change and getting out of crisis situations, so feel free to click on this link to set up a date/time for a chat.

Worse case scenario is you will lose a few minutes of your time. Best case…well it could be a different kind of Zoom for you business!

We have also spoken to a wide range of SMEs about the new and very real challenges they face beyond lockdown and devised a bespoke short-term HR package to directly address and resolve common concerns.

Our short-term bespoke HR package will provide:

  • An initial call to establish a return to work plan appropriate to your business.
  • A draft plan from the call above.
  • Unlimited HR and employment law advice via email, phone or video call for a set period.
  • Support and advice on the management of employees returning to work, interviews and team integration.
  • Redundancy and lay off advice.
  • Flexible working requests support & advice.

This might address some of your needs, but not all. If you have pressing HR concerns that are not included in this list, please let me know. Our service is flexible and puts your business first.

You may know other business owners, who may be interested in any of the above, so feel free to share this email with them.

Take care and stay safe.