Spa de Sal re-opens its doors on Monday 6th July.

People who know salt therapy have been waiting with bated breath for this news.  Finally, after 15 weeks of closure due to Government lockdown, they can start taking their regular relaxing hour of salt therapy to help improve symptoms of respiratory and skin conditions such as hay fever, asthma, sinusitis, COPD, eczema and psoriasis.  Spa de Sal is one of only three salt therapy spas in the whole of Greater London.  Based in Brentford, yes on your doorstep, Spa de Sal has been in operation for three years.

Due to social distancing guidelines, Matilda Goes the proprietor, has implemented measures to help protect her clients and staff.  Each of the two salt rooms is on separate floors with their own entrances, toilet facilities and reception areas.  There will be a reduced number of sessions and an increased time gap between sessions.  During the session, with pressured are infused with medicated salt particles, the salt rooms are a sterile environment.  In the short-term operation will be only from Monday to Friday.

Advance booking will be necessary, with booking and payment over the phone.  The spa will be open from Monday 22nd June only for taking phone enquiries.

Why don’t you try a session of salt therapy?  Mention Hounslow Chamber and receive a 25% discount off your first session.