UENI wants to help thousands of new businesses get online

Let’s build every small business a free website by Christmas 

Our campaign is a simple one: we aim to create a free website for any small business that wants one. The free website enables the business to sell products and accept booking requests from day one. 

Please watch this short video to see how it works: Sign up & website live 

I encourage you to sign up for a website yourself – please go to join.ueni.com/smallbusiness 

Our sign up process is optimised for mobile, which makes it easier for anyone to get started, no matter how busy and time-constrained they are.


What is UENI?

We are a London-based company started 5 years ago by husband and wife team Anh Pham Vu and Christine Telyan to help get the world’s small businesses online. We currently serve 50,000 small businesses in the UK and 600,000 globally. 


How is UENI different from any of the other companies that build websites?

Unlike the do-it-yourself website builders, UENI does not provide tools to the business owner for them to do it themselves. Our business was built on the understanding that small business owners do not have the time or knowledge to use a lot of the software that is out there to create a website on one’s own. Instead, UENI creates the website for the business based on some user inputs plus dynamically generated content relevant to the business type. There is a human review of every website to ensure a high quality result. We offer a turnkey website solution, and so you can think of us like a digital agency for the small business customers that historically could never afford a digital agency. By equipping every free website with functionality to sell online, UENI is also providing an entry point for all small businesses to learn how to sell online, many for the first time.


How big of an impact can this campaign have?

Every day, UENI can deliver thousands of professional small business websites for free to the business owners to address the underserved sole traders and microbusinesses. We can also ensure that most of these businesses get a Google My Business profile so that they can be found on Google Search and Google Maps. At a time when every business needs to adapt its operations to accommodate buy online, pick up in store or ecommerce sales, having access to a free, built-for-you solution is critical.


How can UENI offer this service for free?

Over the last 5 years we have combined technology and human capital to enable each website to be produced efficiently, at scale, while delivering a quality product that accurately represents the business. Our free customers are often astonished at how good their free website is. A percentage of free customers naturally want to do more with their online presence and choose to upgrade to some of our paid services, but the vast majority remain on the free product.


How can we work together?

As partners, we have a shared interest in helping small businesses succeed. This has greater relevance now, during the pandemic and with the holiday shopping season upon us. Having a website and a Google My Business profile is a basic utility for any business; given the pandemic, the urgency has grown for businesses to take orders online and communicate with their customers efficiently. We would be grateful for any way you can promote this campaign to your customers and network of business contacts. We have attached our media pack that includes a number of assets, but we also welcome any other outreach or ideas you have in mind. Thank you for helping us to support small businesses during this tough time!