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Approval for latest stage of the depot transformation project
Former Northamptonshire prison hospital to be turned into ‘executive-style’ accommodation for businesses


There is often a lot of fizzle and rather less planning when creating a low carbon scheme. The danger is there will be minimal environmental gain and no profit if the low carbon strategy is not smart enough.

The knowledge and technology for low energy, zero carbon, carbon negative and energy positive buildings have been available for 20years. With increasing legislation, funders now require it. But how do you make your buildings work rather than do the minimum today and be out of date tomorrow? How do you avoid costly errors? With examples of low energy retrofit with insulation on the inside, new build and how this is being scaled for mixed use regeneration of the grade 2*, 20acre Royal Ordnance Depot.

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Michael Chittenden, Owner Royal Ordnance Depot.
Paul Vick, FRSA, Paul Vick architects.

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