Brexit: Labour MPs in ‘show us the money’ row

Prominent Labour MPs have warned their colleagues not to accept money for their constituencies in return for supporting Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

David Lammy tweeted they would be seen as “cowards and facilitators” and warned: “History will be brutal.”

John Mann has urged the PM to “show us the money” with “transformative investment” in areas that voted Leave.

But the Labour MP, who backed Theresa May’s Brexit deal, denied it amounted to “transactional politics”.

The government is understood to be considering proposals from a group of Labour MPs in predominantly Leave-supporting constituencies, to allocate more funds to their communities for big infrastructure projects.

It is thought the MPs have urged the prime minister to consider re-allocating the EU’s regional aid budget away from big cities and local councils and to give the cash direct to smaller communities, often in former steel and coal mining areas.

Mr Mann, MP for Bassetlaw, a former coal mining area in Nottinghamshire, met cabinet office officials in Whitehall on Thursday and told reporters: “I want to see, when we leave the European Union, significant investment in new technologies, new jobs, science and industry in areas like mine and all the other areas in the country like mine.

“This isn’t transactional politics, this is about getting a national fund … the areas that voted Leave the most are the areas that have not had that investment.”