London Climate Action Week: Hounslow unites with Parliament in declaring Climate Emergency

London is a world leader in climate action with a diverse concentration of businesses, Non-Governmental Organisations and academic institutions working with governments and communities to develop and deliver solutions. Its businesses and organisations are a hub of expertise in finding solutions to cutting carbon emissions and adapting to the impact of climate change both locally and globally.

The Mayor has set an ambitious target for London to be a zero-carbon city by 2050. As part of the city’s pathway in moving towards that target, London Climate Action Week will focus on;

  • community action and business leadership on climate
  • clean energy and energy efficiency
  • adaptation and resilience
  • climate finance and investment
  • legal, engineering and other environmental consultancy services
  • low emission transport
  • London’s role in driving UK and international climate leadership

The Mayor of London’s declaration, along with that of other local authorities and the UK Parliament, was followed on the 18 June in a motion put forward by Councillor Katherine Dunne, Cabinet Member for Communities and Workforce, at a meeting of Borough Council, for Hounslow Council to declare a climate emergency, which requires urgent action. The motion was carried.

Hounslow Council has had a firm endorsement of its progress towards reducing its carbon footprint as its new premises on Bath Road in Hounslow town centre has just been awarded an ‘Excellent’ rating by BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) for sustainability. Sustainability is core to all the council’s building programmes for public buildings and the large regeneration programme under way across the borough. Key to reducing the borough’s future carbon footprint is the integration of sustainable travel infrastructure into all new housing developments and urban expansion. The borough also leads the way in the installation of Electric Vehicle charge points for residents and Hounslow now has the highest number of EV Charge Points in London, after Westminster.

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