KIA Beauty Salon

KIA Beauty Salon have completed 9 years in style and now have a fantastic New Look. This was in line with Asda’s New Look launch.

Mrs. Abhnash Bains, the Director and Owner of KIA Beauty talks about their struggle and achievements.

On asked about what inspired her to start a salon in ASDA she said – ASDA’s slogan is “Save money, Live better” This tagline inspired her the most.

KIA salon also holds the same purpose. They want their customers to benefit the most but at the least cost.

In these years they have received several awards for their excellence and exceptional contribution to society and being an inspiration to others.

As Winner for Best Female Entrepreneur by Best Business Awards, 2017 The Judges had said-

 “Mrs Abhnash Bains is a talented philantropreneur whose main interest is to provide a range of quality beauty and well-being therapies. The idea of setting up a KIA Beauty salon in an ASDA store is brilliant and a great way for stressed out women to fit in some pampering while out shopping. Well done to Mrs Bains for coming up with an innovative way for working women and mothers to enjoy and benefit from some relaxing therapies that won’t overstretch their purse.”

They have also been awarded by Hounslow Business Awards, Barclay Business Awards, Hounslow Volunteering Awards, National Entrepreneur Awards, The National Business Women’s Awards UK and The Lloyds Bank National Business Awards.