Business Awards

We are proud to announce the Business Awards are now open. They are open to ALL businesses in the London Boroughs of Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hounslow and ALL our Chamber members, wherever you are based.

Our Chamber is now pleased to be able to offer Chamber services to our neighbouring boroughs: Ealing and Hammersmith & Fulham.

Tips for writing an award winning entry

Give yourself enough time. A judge knows immediately who spent time preparing a thoughtful award submission and who didn’t!

Stay on point. Make sure your answer addresses the question directly and stay on topic.

Don’t skip questions. Sounds obvious, right? You’d be surprised how many people skip questions! Every question left unanswered results in a judge marking down your application.

Stick to the word count. Be concise – you have a limited space to grab the attention of the judges!

Quantify results. Give facts and figures. Winning entries always show proof of the claims they’re making.

Involve your staff and co-workers. Collect evidence, metrics, examples, testimonials or anything else needed for your application.

Include the extras. Don’t forget to include achievements or activity in areas like community involvement, staff training, health and wellbeing.

Put the deadline September 17th in your diary. This may seem obvious, but set reminders and don’t leave it to the last minute!

There are 14 award categories which you can enter now, just click the link next to the category you want to to enter, fill out the form and submit. The deadline date for entries is 17th September 2021.

★  Best Business for Health & Wellbeing – apply here

★  Best Business for Hospitality & Leisure – apply here

★  Best Business for Marketing and Social Media – apply here

★  Best Business Support & Advice/Service Company – apply here

★  Best Charity/ Social Enterprise – apply here

★  Best Exporter of the Year – apply here

★  Best Green Business – apply here

★  Best Micro Company – apply here

★  Best New Business – apply here (your company must be under 2 years old)

★  Best Retailer – apply here

★  Best Security Business – cyber & physical – apply here

★  Best Tech Business – apply here

★  Best Small Company – apply here

★  Employer of the Year – apply here

The Gala Dinner, where we will announce the winners, is being held on 25th November at Clayton Hotel Chiswick.

Please be assured that we will be adhering to Government guidelines to ensure we are all safe.

Click here for a personal message from Clayton Hotel CEO, Pat McCann, outlining the measures now in place at Clayton Hotel Chiswick.

The team at VentureX enjoying their evening at the virtual Business Awards last year


If you are interested in sponsoring the Business Awards in any way, please contact

Sally Smith on or 07879 813817


“Thank you for a fantastic evening, we didn’t realise an online awards ceremony would be so much fun! So well organised and we appreciate all the effort that went into it. Love the goody bags too. Very proud to have picked up an award also.” Shivani and Nila, Cranford Opticians

“Alan and Sally. The virtual awards last night were a triumph. So interesting, organised and a natural, kind energy from start to finish. Memorable and heart warming.” Jacqueline Purcell, Jasper Alliance London Limited

“Great night last night BTW. Congrats to you and the team for the Awards event.” Lance Hobbs, HR Dept

“Congrats on a great event this evening – it went off really well!!!”  Helen Roberts, CPG


“A great evening and well done to you both. It was so good to see all those businesses, from across the Borough, recognised. I did enjoy it and thank you.” Paul Kennerley, DL for Hounslow


And finally some words from Ash Sanjenbam of Woodnet Lifetstyles Ltd, Winner of Best Business of the Year 2019/20:

“Thank you ever so much, Sally, Alan and all at the Chamber – what a year, what a whopper of a year! Very humbled with the Award and the recognition tonight. I am celebrating the night with Mox and my two beautiful kids.”