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The English Job: understanding Iran and why it disturb Britain

A discussion on the book with the author, former Foreign Secretary, The Rt Hon Jack Straw

About the book : With tensions rising sharply between Tehran and the West, former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw unveils a richly detailed account of Britain’s turbulent relationship with Iran, illuminating the culture, psychology and history of a much-misunderstood nation. Informed by Straw’s wealth of experience negotiating Iran’s labyrinthine internal politics, The English Job is a powerful, clear-sighted and compelling portrait of an extraordinary country.

The Rt Hon Jack Straw served in the 1997 – 2010 Labour government as Foreign Secretary (2001 to 2006), Home Secretary (1997 to 2001), Leader of the Commons (2006 to 2007), and Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary (2007 to 2010). In 2001 Straw became the first British foreign secretary to visit Iran since the 1979 revolution. He has since visited the country multiple times and continues to contribute to the conversation on Iranian-British relations, most recently publishing The English Job: Understanding Iran and Why It Distrusts Britain, the subject of this CMEC event.

We are overwhelmed by the response we received for the above event:


“It was very well done, and we thought the gap between presentations was perfect”

Chris Sharp​, becg


“Our thanks and congratulations for putting on the outstanding event yesterday.  People I spoke to during the day and the evening were unanimous in their praise of not just your organisational efforts, but also the quality of the gathered audience”

Tom Brooks, London Borough of Hounslow


“Well done I heard about all the hard work that went into it to set up such a fantastic and engaging event”

Sukhvinder Dhanjal, Heathrow Airport


“Thank you for a great informative session ”

Ash Sanjenbam, Kingfisher Sec


“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for organising such an informative Regeneration Conference. The speakers were very well chosen and I felt it was time really well spent. Thoroughly enjoyable..”



“I just wanted to pass on our thanks on behalf of West Thames, for a really good event”

Rezveer Dwyer, West Thames College


Fifty Pubs of Brentford

Alfred Pearce wrote it in 1948 when he was seventy-four years old (his family ran the Alexandra pub in the High Street).He starts at the Star and Garter, Kew Bridge Road and proceeds westwards along Brentford High Street, across Brentford Bridge to London Road.

When I was knighted with a STAR AND GARTER
I was pushed into an EXPRESS
I smashed into a PLOUGH
And stood aside by the WAGGON AND HORSES
Little beyond a JOLLY TAR
With a LAMB by his side
Receiving a SALUTATION
Presently FOX AND HOUNDS dashed by
He fell into the QUEEN’S ARMS
Tugging with a BARGE AGROUND
A BULL stared me in the face
As I crossed by the BREWERY TAP and the ROYAL HOTEL
The PRINCE OF WALES stood on the other side
With a GLITTERING STAR by its side
Cross yonder stood a DRUM
Attacked by a LION
When I reached the ALEXANDRA
I shook hands with GEORGE THE FOURTH
He advised to salute THE WATERMAN’S ARMS
Then I was back into the KING’S ARMS*
Up went the roaring CANNON
At the RISING SUN I tried to lift ONE TON
While BRITANNIA stood to one side
He told me he had lost his FEATHERS
A little beyond a BEEHIVE
Playing with a CATHERINE WHEEL
As I crossed the BARLEY MOW
There was a magnificent CASTLE
Near by stood a LION
Stood staunch with THE MAGNET with LORD NELSON
I got in the JUNCTION ARMS
They pushed me into the DUKE OF NORTHUMBERLAND
The STANDARD floating high
With the ANGEL of peace
When the COACH AND HORSES passed by.

(Links will be added to all the pubs mentioned)

* 273 Brentford High Street, not the current King’s Arms

London, 26.03.19



English Football League Championship club Brentford FC have launched a ground-breaking new video series on LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, which has already seen exceptional results since debuting on 21 March.


The series features prominent members of the Club’s playing squad, backroom staff and operations team discussing everyday issues faced by workers in their careers but seen through the lens of a football club. The goal of the series is to raise awareness of these common issues with advice from people such as the Head Coach, Club Psychologist, Strength and Conditioning Coach and even the Sleep Therapist.


The first episode, titled The Fear of Failure, showed an engagement rate averaging 40 per cent higher than any other Club content on the platform. Upcoming episodes will explore topics such as anger, stress, difficult times, sleep, conflict  and motivation. Each episode has a running time of three to six minutes to make the series accessible for social media audiences and time-poor professionals.


Kurt Pittman, Brentford FC Marketing Director, explained the strategy behind the project. He said: “Thanks to investment from on-demand providers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, people now have access to huge amounts of entertainment content from football clubs. As fantastic as these productions are, there is very little utility to the content itself for the average fan. What we have been looking at is how we can create content that can actually help people by leveraging the specialist knowledge we have inside the club. The strong results so far show this is content people want.”


LinkedIn is seen as an ideal choice for the project given the audience and the trends for video content consumption. The platform sees approximately 590 million users globally with 260 million monthly active users. Research also shows that 62 per cent of LinkedIn users engage with content on the platform because they found it educational and informative.


Brentford CEO Jon Varney said of the initiative: “The importance of a football club as a leading light in the community cannot be understated. Whilst all clubs work hard on this, sometimes it’s easy to forget the value we are able to impart through the high-performance teams we assemble. We are in a position where we can showcase real life examples of how we deal with challenging situations and that’s exactly what we want to do with this series.”


The series has been written and produced by sports marketing agency Halfspace who have been appointed full-service agency across data and content marketing for Brentford FC.


A link to the first episode ‘The Fear of Failure’ can be found –

From the Persian Gulf

Reception at DIT HQ with Lord Lamont

From India in Houses of Parliament

From China including cooperation agreement

From Turkey

From USA

Hounslow Chamber Member, Mary Rushton-Beales has recently undertaken, “the most unusual project of her career:”

She has been designing the lit environment for more than 30 years and she supposes it’s quite appropriate that it is her most difficult lighting challenge ever – in the entire 30 years – that was recently assigned to me by Artist Dawn Bendick – should have awareness of time at the heart of the artistic inspiration. Rather than paraphrase Dawn’s work you can read about how important time is for her and her work on this link:

The cast glass rocks – created by Dawn in collaboration with Acne Studios for their catwalk show – are sentinels of the past and the future – being moulds of ancient rocks that have been created with contemporary Alexandrite glass. This glass contained small amounts of rare earth minerals such as neodymium that reveal completely different colours according to the electrical characteristics of different white light sources. Dawn explained that it was this repeated variation in the colour of the glass that was essential to the success of the lighting for the catwalk show. Acne Studios had decided to bring the amazing glass rock stacks to London and display them in the window of their Flagship store at Dover Street for Fashion Week “and a few weeks more”.

A lighting design was needed that would replicate the catwalk lighting effects and vary continuously over the day and night. Cue many many lighting tests and experiments – bright sunlight, overcast skies, 2700k, 4000k, 6500k – high CRI light sources such as LED, Fluorescent and Metal Halide. And in the background, Mary wondered HOW she was going to get these diverse light sources to dim or switch as we wanted – continuously over about 10 – 15 minutes?! So back to her time theme it seems entirely appropriate that to achieve what she wanted she used light sources and lighting techniques from the Nineties, Noughties and Twenty First decades.

So their intrepid band of lights included: From the Nineties high output compact fluorescent lamps 6500k, 95 CRI. From the Noughties point source metal halides 4000k, 85 CRI. From the 21st full spectrum colour LEDs, 90 plus CRI. To bring it all together they needed a bespoke control unit that could send dimming and switching signals at preset times, continuously throughout the weeks of display. Oh yes and they had to get all this installed into the window safely and neatly over a single night “get-in”. Time again.

It took a lot of human beings too: massive thanks to: Acne StudiosDawn Bendick, Phil, Howard & team at Commercial Lighting SystemsRoger & team at Light Projects, Brian & team at Multiload controls, Greg & team at Tomkins Electrical, Aaron & team at Checklist Property Maintenance and Andrew Tynan for the results photography..


Check out the following links to learn more about Mary’s work: