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London Borough Hounslow, Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule – Adoption – Hounslow Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule was approved by Full Council on 14th July 2015. Any relevant planning applications which have not been granted before 24th July 2015 will be liable to pay Hounslow CIL.

The Community Infrastructure Levy is a new charge that local authorities will be able to collect on new developments in their area. It is based on a formula relating to the type and size of development and is collected when planning permissions for new developments are implemented. The funds gathered will be spent on infrastructure within Hounslow. Robert Mellor, an independent Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, considered the Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule and accompanying documents at an Examination in Public held on 18th and 19th March 2015. The Inspector’s Report, with its recommendations was received by the Council on 4TH June 2015 and is published on the Council’s website.

Copies of the adopted Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule and associated documents, including the Inspector’s Report are available for inspection at:

For further information please phone Planning Policy on 020 8583 5202 or send an email to



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Brentford Community Stadium – Summary of Benefits


The Golden Mile


Introducing one of London’s prime development hotspots ripe for investment.

The Great West Corridor runs along the A4 and M4 through Osterley, Brentford to Chiswick and is the first major business district reached on the route from Heathrow Airport through to central London.

The Great West Corridor is also called as “The Golden Mile” and refers to the part of the corridor between Gillette Corner and the Chiswick roundabout on the A4.

In total, some 200 companies employ around 25,000 people along this stretch down to Chiswick Park.

And now for the first time since 1925, the London Borough of Hounslow has an ambitious new vision for this strategic stretch. There are more opportunities for development along the whole corridor from Heathrow to central London making a ‘Golden Highway’ fit for twenty first century business needs.




90 years ago, when this stretch of road first opened, the new super-highway attracted many of the most famous manufacturing companies, from Gillette to Firestone tyres, from Hoover to Coty Cosmetics. Many created Art Deco architectural masterpieces on either side of the road, parts of which remain to this day. (Image of Gillette and JC Decaux buildings)

The Golden Mile soon established itself as London’s most prestigious western commercial gateway and a prime location for national and international headquarters. Beginning a new era of modern offices and factories, technology, research and development.

As an investor or developer you can contact us to find out more about this potentially Golden Opportunity.

There is a new vision and a new commitment:

  • To re-invigorate the Golden Mile
  • To recapture the spirit and ethos of its historic past
  • To master-mind a twenty first century “renaissance” where the new improved environment will work for businesses and residents alike

The vision is to create a desirable and developing “destination” for all-comers – employers, workers, residents and visitors – with an improved infrastructure that serves the needs of both the local borough and the broader metropolis.



Brendon Walsh, Director of Regeneration, Economic Development and Environment, Hounslow Council, is under no illusions about the nature or the scale of the challenges ahead of him.

“This renaissance must incorporate major infrastructure to address movement and access problems. Historically, the Golden Mile’s Strength was its fantastic connectivity and while this is still true at a strategic level, local connections must be radically improved.”

Companies like GlaxoSmithKline, BSkyB and Worley Parsons have demonstrated their loyalty to the Golden Mile by remaining and reinvesting significantly in its future.

Alongside major multinational corporations, an increasing number of creative start-ups and ambitious SMEs are moving into the area, generating new life and energy. They add up to around 15,000 different businesses, with a profile in Creativity, Logistics and Cargo.

The challenge is to satisfy the different expectations and needs of these diverse organisations and to deliver the sense of place and quality of daily life that rising numbers of incomers now naturally demand.

That means improving local amenities, providing more places to meet and socialise, affordable housing, pleasant parks and better schools – as well as improving public transport facilities, with new links to HS2 and Crossrail, plus improving individual mobility, both on foot and by bike, with new footpaths and cycle routes inspired by Seville and Copenhagen.

golden mile 3



Infrastructure improvements are absolutely key to unlocking the potential of this Golden Highway and Hounslow Council are committed to leading the campaign with key statutory bodies to make this happen. A great deal of work is under way behind the scenes and the following are seen as key opportunities for the Great West Corridor:

Golden Mile18


The delivery of Crossrail will be hugely beneficial for west London’s economy providing a new and improved access to and from a number of west London locations. Linking the Golden Mile to this network will significantly improve accessibility and could help attract further investment. This would be achieved through the Brentford – Southall link.


golden mile 9


The High Speed rail link between Birmingham and Euston London, if implemented, will include a ‘superhub’ at Old Oak Common, north east of the Golden Mile. It is hoped that this interchange will also include a direct connection to Crossrail providing rapid access to Heathrow in the west and the City, Canary Wharf and Stratford in the east. Again, there is an opportunity to link the Golden Mile corridor to this hub which could unlock inward investment associated with this proposal. This would be achieved through the “Golden Link” between Kew Gate and Brentford.


If you would like to request a copy of the Golden Mile Site Capacity Study ( Executive Summary) and a Skyline Tour of the Golden Mile, please email us


If you are interested to find out more about the Golden Mile or any other opportunities in Hounslow, Please email the Inward Investment team or follow us on twitter @investhounslow.