Retail Sector

Hounslow Chamber of Commerce recognise that the retail centres of Hounslow are under extreme pressure. Retailers generally are feeling the pinch as customer habits change, what they buy, where they buy it and how the transaction is completed has changed.

The Retail Forum is designed to help businesses in that sector keep up to date with opportunities and acts as a voice for them when they need help and assistance with local authorities, landlords or anyone that is making life more difficult than it needs to be!

We work with those businesses who support retailers too – in partnership with those members we drive business forward.

Hounslow Town Centre is supported by Chris Durkin and a team of community groups and businesses. Working together they work as advisers and lobbyists to the local authority in its planned regeneration.

Both Isleworth and Chiswick business communities are looking at the potential of becoming an evolved “Business Improvement District”

Feltham Centre is an example of a successful partnership between public and private sectors which resulted in a “Town Centre” which replaced a run down parade of shops.

Brentford Town Centre is currently undergoing a massive investment in regeneration projects that will result in an excellent residential and water front destination for leisure.

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