SME Gateway to Heathrow


Heathrow Economy Collaboration Group (HECG) is a strategic solution for the local SMEs. The partnership with Hounslow Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Small Business (FSB) and Consolidated Logistics Services (CLS) is the gate way for SMEs to access the procurement process. To achieve this we work closely with our SMEs to understand their businesses in order to assist with the right solutions. We believe our SMEs need to be procurement ready to understand Heathrow Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 business procedure. The HECG is developing the ‘Passport to Heathrow’ training programme, which will offer a tangible solution for the ambitions of our SMEs. We believe working together with local facilities, local suppliers, apprentices and new job seekers can only bring added value to the local economy and a better future for us all.

Over the past months we have learned more about our journey ahead. We have been able to demonstrate and share knowledge from other operations to the team members and the SMEs. We appreciate the support we have amongst the team members, Heathrow Airport, local organisations and the SMEs.

The HECG is a unique solution to support Heathrow operational and development business opportunities by connecting local resources. We are all proud to be part of the team.

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